Oil on Board Painting - MORRIS KATZ 1975

Peinture à Huile - MORRIS KATZ 1975

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  • Peinture à huile sur panneau de Morris Katz 1975 signé par l'artiste. Cette peinture est en excellente condition. Aucune craquelures. Le cadre n'est pas d'origine. Plusieurs de ses pièces se vendent pour plus de $500.00 sur EBay et Cie. Mesure 20'' x 24'' sans le cadre. Voir bio de l'artiste plus bas. 


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    Oil on board painting by Morris Katz 1975, signed by the artist. The painting is in excellent condition with no cracks in the paint. The frame is not original. Several of his paintings for sale on Ebay and internet for more than $500.00. Measures 20'' x 24'' without the frame.



    Morris Katz was born Moshe Katz on March 5, 1932 in Galicia, Poland. He died November 12, 2010 at age 78 in The Bronx, New York.


    Born in Poland, Katz studied painting under Dr. Hans Fokler of the Munich Academy. He moved to New York with his family in 1949 and launched his unique approach seven years later using only a palette and wads of toilet paper to produce his paintings. The rolls of bathroom tissue were used to clean the knife or create shadings and shapes. Morris had a career spanning six decades. He did a portrait of Pope Paul VI which sold over three million copies in reproduction internationally. More than 100 museums around the globe own and have exhibited his art, including the Smithsonian which has three of his paintings on display.