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2 lithographies de scènes de Paris par l’artiste Danois renommé Arno Beijk. Les deux lithos sont en excellente condition. Les cadres on pris quelques points dommages depuis les années 70. Litho mesure 7” x 14” et avec le cadre 11” x 17.5”. $25 pour les deux.

**LIVRAISON GRATUITE** Montréal et environs.

Two vintage prints from dutch artist Arno Beijk. The originals of these prints were created from dates to 1950's or 1960's. They display famous locations in and around Paris. Prints on heavy gauge paper and each framed. The frames some light damage considering their age but the prints are in perfect condition. Genre ImpressionistArtist/Markings: Arno. Each print measures 7” x 14” and with the frame 11” x 17.5”. $25 for both.

**FREE DELIVERY** Montreal and surrounding areas.

2 Lithographies Arno Beijk - Paris Scenes Prints by Arno Beijk

SKU: A519
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